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Lowes 'All Sorts of Shorts' TVC

Taking a new approach to the iconic style of ads the Australian menswear brand is famous for, the "All Sorts of Shorts" TVC is sure to get your toes tapping.

Producer / Director: Ben Kumanovski

Agency / CD: Clint McCarthy // PMA Communications Group

Cinematographer: Nathaniel C.T. Jackson

Composer: Phillip J. Faddoul

Sound mix: John Hresc // Sydney Sound Brewery

Editor & Colourist: Ben Kumanovski



Fussy Films is a Sydney based independent creative film production company delivering the very best in advertising, film and content. We recognise that consumers live in a screen obsessed world, which is why we are ardent about creating work with ideas that inspire audiences. 


Our creators are passionate, award winning artists looking for opportunities to deliver unique, bespoke stories that are driven by ideas.

We are a new breed of independent production company established in 2018 by Director & Cinematographer Ben Kumanovski, who after more than a decade in commercial content production saw the need for high-quality yet cost effective video production explode. As brands' thirst for video content continues to grow, our business continues to evolve and respond to the needs of our clients.

What we offer is a partnership with brands and agencies to provide quality, cost effective solutions to the production of TVC's and online video content.

Our model is one of low overheads and multi-hatted HOD's to deliver fast, modern and cost effective production.